A Little About Me

 have immersed myself in the world of audio. I began by learning guitar at age 14, writing my songs, and slowly starting to record them. I recorded countless bands with any equipment I could get my hands on – from noise to folk to jazz to electronic. I enjoyed experimenting with many realms and still do. These experiences have culminated in forming and producing my bands and other creative works, a unique edge that pops.

I want to help bridge the gap between an artist’s song/vision and a professional-sounding final product. My focus is on creating, mixing, and mastering.

Mixing – If production is not hitting right or lacks that final layer of polish, I can take the stems or multi-tracks and provide a clean, deep, and wide mix to make your song fit perfectly on Spotify.

Mastering – If you need that extra power, sheen, low-end power, and volume, I can take your mix and master it so it competes on the market, finding a place next to any contemporary song.

I’d love to hear about your project. Let’s get in touch.

Millie and Jam, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter